One Last Thought

Before I had off to bed here in a moment, I thought I would have one more last thought of the day. It has been a very very good day for me all day long with no interruptions that caused me to feel any different even though some of the conversation topics with MM did seem to be annoying me and she seemed to be nagging me a little bit. Yes, it was annoying but she did bring up a good put about her being afraid of me retreating to my own world and life with having no contact with others and not having face to face contact with other people. I did have the entire afternoon and evening to think and consider what she was talking about in our conversation. I believe I was hasty in telling her to stop nagging me because MM is actually here to help me get through life happily more so than anything. I will consider it more tonight while I am sleeping – probably will dream about it, lol, about the past several weeks of my life. It is past 10 p.m. CST now where I am at and I am tired … going to bed in a moment. I guess … it is another late night here in Ksmiley’s household again. Have my daily living skills in the morning at 8:30 a.m. so I need to head off to bed and set my alarm clock tonight. No more TV tonight and I am going to bed in my bedroom tonight. I do need to sleep in my bedroom and NOT ON THE COUCH/FUTON!


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