Not Feeling So Good Right Now…Yuck!

I have been having a cold virus festering in my life for a few days now and today it has reached its height with a fever, runny nose, sneezes, and watering eyes. I do not feel the greatest right now but holding my own. I had to cancel, because of fever, my daily living skills for the week and I am not a very happy camper having to have done so but with a fever, LB is not coming … if I had no fever, I would have allowed her to come this morning. The sneezing is not fun either. I just feel yucky… that’s all at this time anyway. Downright yucky.

Noisy Neighbor Above Me

What do you expect when you live on the 1st floor of an apartment building that is three stories tall, has 49 tenant apartments and one on-site management apartment equaling 50 apartments total in our building? Noise…when the walls are thin and sound carries from one end of the building to another because it is not sound proofed. This morning I could hear someone knocking at my upstairs neighbor’s apartment door and the neighbor walking across her floor/my ceiling and then I heard something rolling across her kitchen floor telling me that it was my upstairs neighbor’s neighbor P. P uses a walker to get around so she is stabilized and not falling down and hurting herself since she is an elderly woman. I also heard things being dropped on my upstairs neighbor’s floor that sounded like a small bomb, lol. Ever since P has moved back into the building several weeks ago, I do have to admit that my upstairs neighbor has been a little bit more noisy than before. I have to admit that before the noise started to become more constant, I never heard the neighbor at all, but today I can not say that. When silence falls from above during the day, I know she is either gone outside the building or visiting other neighbors in the building. I rarely see my upstairs neighbor and when we do cross paths, it is a very quick hello and how are you and then we are on our way in opposite directions once again. In fact, I have not seen her since the Christmas dinner we had on December 11th this year. To be very honest here, I did not pay too much attention and I did not see her there either, lol. Sometimes she gives me the creeps and I have no idea why. I must be too sheltered in my world.

The Dream I Had

This morning I had to check my laptop to make sure it was still in one piece because a dream I had seemed so strange. In my dream, which I am glad it was, the laptop had dropped on the floor making several keys pop out of their places, the screen was still attached to the computer but the keyboard area was cracked and bits and pieces were broke off the laptop, the door was still attached to the computer but real lose and wires were sticking out, and the computer laptop still worked perfectly. A strange dream I would admit! I woke up feeling disoriented but happy it was only a dream at the very moment and turned to lay on my side to get some more sleep before it hit the afternoon hours.

Plans For the Rest of the Day

Since I am not feeling good and have a fever right now, I am going to take it easy the rest of the day. I am going to relax and … … hoping to see KH tomorrow morning for my shower and that she can stay to help me with laundry and dishes before she leaves for the day. My fever seems to be between normal and 100.0 right now. I am going to take it easy … play my games not as much today.

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