Bing Crosby the Cat

I think my Little Man thinks he has been naughty this evening. KH used a tone of voice that I did not appreciate that much … not at all actually. Now I am going to have to talk to him and coax him that everything is fine and that he did not do anything wrong at all. Poor kitty. I do not yell at Bing because he os good all the time and what Bing was doing was being helpful to KH but all I could hear was her voice at Bing a little too harshly. I am not a very happy camper right now because of what happened but I will get over it soon enough. I think I am, with being friends with KH outside of her work at helping with my showering three days a week, beginning to see another side of KH that is not always pleasant. She had left a few minutes ago. Now I have the place to myself for now until Friday morning again. I have to go and talk to Bing and see what K can do to soften the rest of the night for him before I continue watching anymore movies, write anymore journal entries, or read anymore harry Potter. It has been a long day …

Feeling a little better. Going to get my jammies on for the night. Mickey Mouse, here I come. YAY!

Written at 6:45 p.m.

In Addition to Bing Crosby The Cat

I was upset enough to share my feelings with a neighbor, my friend LG, and I told her what happened today between KH and Bing and KH not listening to me about leaving Bing alone. I told her, LG, that I did tell KH to leave Bing alone more than once today but KH did not listen to me and I also told LG about the tone of voice I felt was inappropriate, and LG agreed with me that when cats want to be left alone they want to be left alone. LG also told me hat KH continued to not leave Bing alone Bing could turn on her and become afraid of her, and Bing is such a good, loving cat, all the time. I rarely discipline my Little Man because he is rarely naughty. I am not a very happy camper right now about what happened today. i cannot convince Bing he was not naighty. He wants to be left alone right now so I am doing just that. I hope things are better tomorrow for both of us. I want my loving cat back. Dang it. KH, you need to leave Bing alone when he wants to be left alone! Damn!
More later…

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