One Final Day of 2010 and More…

I do have to admit that 2010, in my book, went by rather quickly after my 40th birthday came and went this year. I cannot believe that today is the final day of the year 2010 and tomorrow is January 1, 2011! I do not have any New Years resolutions because I will end up breaking them or not carry them out to the full extent so I no longer make resolutions. I do not make promises unless I can keep them and carry them through and that is how I believe resolutions are as well … promises. I do not know what other people think about resolutions and that is okay. Anyway…

For the rest of my day, I have had my shower this morning. I am not going to do much today. I have decided to bring in the New Year by watching the Disney Channel’s picked New Year programs with Shake It Up New Year’s program, do some journaling, reading, and snuggling with Bing Crosby the kitty, and take it easy. My dishes and counters were done yesterday. KH came over to help me with my shower today and brought some deviled eggs … yum!. I think that I will have the 2nd Harry Potter book read and start my 3rd book before Monday…since now it is only Friday. I am also going to call my friends RB, JB, and JW tonight and do our New Year countdown together over the phone, and then I will go to sleep for the night. No New Years Eve party tonight. I am going to order a calzone and chicken strips for supper tonight as a New Years treat for myself. My pizza will have spinach, garlic, cheese, and tomatoes … yum! After bringing in the New Year, I am heading to bed for the night. I do plan on taking this weekend to sleep in if I am able to since I get up between 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. most mornings now-a-days.

A Quick Note

Starting tomorrow, with a little taste of it this month, I am going to do something different with my Dear Diary journal entries. A new year brings on a new start for me so why not be different in my journaling in 2011. I do hope the best for everyone here at Dear Diary, my friends and family, and my neighbors here at TM have a wonderful New Year and the new year 2011 finds happiness, joys, new experiences, and newness in your lives. God bless!

Be Back Tomorrow

Will be back tomorrow, 1/1/11! Good night Dear Diary! God bless!

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