Friday is Here!!

7:00 AM Morning

No worries really. I got up early this morning – 45 minutes early. I just could not sleep anymore that’s all. I have mornings like this a lot. I think I am just a little more excited about MM coming this morning with the gal who is going to be taking over LB’s place starting the 18th of January after January 11th LB will be bringing her in to show her the routine she has had with me. I will be meeting the new girl this morning between 10:30 – 10:45 am.

Some Other Thoughts

I am feeling a lot better than I have been feeling over the weekend. My period is a heavy one but I am no longer worried about my transplanted kidney anymore. I believe that my world was going haywire because my world at this time is all hormonal, LOL. I am just not going to be afraid to get my labs drawn every month anymore – a promise I will definitely keep. I will be okay after all. I just hate having such heavy periods that’s all! They seem to stop my happy world for a few days. If I had any kidney issues now, after 23 years this March 12th, I would have excessive weight gain, a fever, swollen ankles, and I would feel very sick. I am ALWAYS reminded that my kidney will not reject after all these years. I am, a promise worth keeping, working on losing more weigh so I do not have any more health issues creeping in on me. I have issues with body odor sometimes and I wouldn’t have such a problem with my sleep apnea. This month, even though I do not believe in New Year resolutions because they are like promises that are later broken, I will work on keeping my health and losing weight. As of Tuesday, even though 3 lbs. is not a lot, is a start. I was surprised that I did not gain some weight over the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays!! Wow!! Anyway, today is going to be a good day because I will see MM and meet my new DLS worker, and then the weekend is all mine and Bing’s. I am feeling a little better emotionally today at least, and I do not see a fat slob in the mirror anymore. Excuse me for having myself call me a fat slob everyone. I am overweight and I NEED to lose at least 100 lbs. I will be okay. I am fat and I do need to lose weight … I just do not like being called “Miss Fatty” that’s all. That name is demeaning and mean and my mom has called me that over Christmas weekend. Yes, I am still obsessed about what was said to me because it hurt me very much.

Today I have my shower and then I have company coming for a bit, and then the rest of the weekend is all mine and Bing’s. I have no major plans this weekend and no face to face contact plans have been made yet. I think this weekend I will do some journaling, reading, and watching TV and movies. I was able to borrow the first three Harry Potter movies from my friend LG yesterday so I think I am going to make it a Harry Potter weekend and return the three movies Monday sometime along with her heating pad she let me borrow since I could not locate my own heating pad last week! Right now, waiting for KH to arrive to help me with my shower, I am watching the Disney channel – listening to it actually – and right now Special Agent Oso is on. Yep, I know I am 40 years old and do not need to be watching young kid programming … I just enjoy what is new out there for the kids these days. I do miss being a little girl at times but I am so glad I am older and live on my own today. I am grown up now and still learning about life. After my company comes and goes this morning, I have no idea what I am going to do really be doing but that will come in time outside of journaling, reading, and watching TV and movies. Maybe I will watch something on Netflix yet later today. We shall see.

The Rest of the Morning

I was still in my shower this morning when MM and the new DLS worker came so I got showered, dried, and dressed as quickly as possible. In fact, to be honest here, MM and the DLS worker was quite a bit early and I believe MM knew that I was still taking a shower when she arrived with my newbie DLS worker. My new DLS worker is named Jessica – will be known as J the DLS worker from this moment forward. KH finished her duties here, took trash out, took care of Bing’s litter box again this morning, did the paperwork, and left leaving me behind with MM and J the new DLS worker. J will be working with me starting in February alone while the rest of the month of January she will be trained by LB before LB leaves me behind with J. So in February it will be J and I alone. My hours with IDS and Catholic Charities have increased because CIP funding has been approved. So I met J the new DLS worker this morning with MM before both of them left. I think I am going to really enjoy this new change a lot but I am going to miss LB even though she is not going to be gone out of my life entirely ever – thank goodness! I am already missing LB!! Dang!

The Rest of My Day

It is now the weekend and I have no major plans. The weather is to be real cold according to the weather forecast but I have no plans to go anywhere this weekend. I am going to ending my period in a couple of days or so anyway, and I have some chores that have to be done, no doubt, on Sunday and Monday before LB and J the DLS worker comes Tuesday. Our building is having our annual in-house inspection of all of the tenant apartments. I have A LOT of clutter to take care of as I have to clean the kitchen table, the computer desk, make the bed, clean the dishes and counter tops, and pick things off the floors of the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. I do want to have my place decent enough to show that my place is lived in.

The Weekend is FINALLY Here … YES!

To be very honest here, I am so happy that it is the weekend, whether or not it is going to be cleaning days Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and inspection Tuesday morning. I have two appointments Tuesday afternoon between 2 and 4 pm so I am going to have a very busy day all day! YAY! I am back to being busy at home and away from home now. I am going to take this weekend and get back on track of things now that the holidays are now completely over in my world and the world around me. I am going to take tomorrow, which is Saturday, and watch Harry Potter movies 1 – 3 and relax all day long.

Good Night & God bless!

It is time for me head off for the day and I will be back sometime tomorrow to have another entry written. Bed is soon calling me even though I have taken a slight nap on the couch watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent this afternoon. I do no plans this weekend as of yet and so I will be watching TV and Netflix shows tonight before heading to bed.

Good night and God bless everyone! Sleep well!

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