January 13, 2011

Some Thoughts

I am barely up and dressed this morning, and already online checking my emails. I got an email from someone I did not really want an email from ever again stating that she wanted me to stop sending her emails if I did not like her, and she told me to please stop. I have not talked to this person for months and have NOT sent her any emails directly but did come to find out that I had many mailer-daemons in my email box this morning. Now I understand what my mom’s husband was telling me in November about Yahoo. So what I did, after finding another email address was getting email unbeknownst to me, was delete ALL of the contacts on my contact list on this particular email address I have. A long time ago, when Ameritech was our phone company before SBC and now AT&T, I believe that Ameritech merged with Yahoo or something like that. Now I am not sure if that was such a good idea. Now I hope I NEVER hear from certain people ever again through email because the people I am speaking about are drama kings and queens and live drama daily just to thrive and hurt others. I am so happy to be away from drama and the negativity today … my life is so much nicer. I just hope those emails going out will stop now. Even though I did not want to ever see certain emails in my mailbox this morning, I do have to say I am glad this person emailed me so I can see what was really going on anyway. Like I said a few seconds ago, I now can see what my mom’s husband was talking about last November about getting emails from my yahoo accounts and he knew that I never knew about them going out. I am not sure if I can trust Yahoo anymore now, either. Has anyone have been having troubles with Yahoo Mail as well? Please let me know.

The past two days have been great and I do have to admit that the Harry Potter book obsession is still high in my mind right now. Having all 7 books now and reading the 3rd book has been amazing. I cannot put the book down but have to in order to get other chores done. Sleep was a little easier last night but I had to lay on the couch and read more. I am almost halfway through the book now! Reading while laying on the futon/couch, gives Bing and I time to snuggle and be close before I go to sleep. Now I am a very happy woman.

8:49 a.m.

A little glimpse here … I have company coming in about ten minutes or so and we will be doing meal preparations for me today. Not sure how long my company is going to stay or if we are still going anywhere this morning yet but we shall wait and see. They will be here in 10 minutes and the inspections will start at 9 a.m. as well. I wonder if my apartment will be one of the chosen ones. We shall wait and see. Today, I hope, is going to be another great day! Hmmm?

Prepared Meals

MM and J got here around 9 am and we went to Wal-Mart to get some meal preparation items to make a couple of meals for the week. This week, today, we made meatloaf and beef stew.

Suspicions Are Correct


There is something I really, really have to get off my mind before it really eats me alive.

I do have to admit that this has been something nagging at me for a while (since December when a neighbor KM moved back to TM) and when my friend and neighbor LG told me what happened to her. My jaw did not drop, exactly because I have noticed that KM’s attitude has been much different lately and I am not sure if I should be around it right now. Tenants were happy to have seen KM leave and the same tenants were upset that she had moved back in months later. I have not seen KM a whole lot since she has been back but because she cleans the apartment building, I have heard her cleaning/vacuuming the hallways and lobby. I have yet not opened my door to say hello or wave at her from my doorway yet because I have not caught her nearby enough. Living on the 1st floor is different from living on the 3rd floor because of the area of both apartments are different. I LOVE the 1st floor though. It is much nicer. I feel like I am in a quiet hallway most of the time now. I just hear my neighbor MP walk past with his dog on a daily basis. Anyway, I just went off the subject at hand, lol … not good. What LG told me what happened to her, her side of the story of course, I told her about my feelings that I have had for a while (since mid-December) and know that LG would not lie to me. LG feels she has been burned and hurt by KM because of her attitude, and I do not blame LG for her feelings whatsoever. I believe that LG and I have the same sixth sense about people.

Harry Potter

I am so happy that I have gotten my Harry Potter book set now, (as of Tuesday, December 11th) The worry of getting the last 4 books has come and gone, and I do have to admit that I was not going to let it go until I had gotten the rest of the books after my Mom, who lives in NM, and helped me start my set by getting the 1st two books, and then I got my 3rd book from her friend DH as an early Christmas present, leaving me to getting the last 4 books of the set. My mom told me that I perseverate a lot and I think I was perseverating about getting the Harry Potter book set. Ever since I visit my parents who live in AR, I wanted to get the Harry Potter book set. My dad’s wife has the Harry Potter book set in hardcover and I was able to read the 1st book – Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone that week and found myself hooked BIG TIME! Now I, along with my dad’s wife, and I believe my sister, and my mom in NM had the set, have read or reading the books. I got my HP set from my AR parents’ when they sent me money for Christmas.

The Rest of My Day!

I am going to get caught up on my journaling, TV show recordings, facebook gaming, and of course, reading, lol. Hope everyone has a good rest of the day and night.

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