Entry #2

My afternoon has just BEGUN! Going to grab a bite to eat for lunch here in a few minutes – after writing this entry actually… I am having a good day so far. I had my shower and got dressed for the day even though I am not going anywhere today – until tomorrow anyway… – and while KH was here this morning, it was all professional than anything and she got through the paperwork, got me in the shower and then out, dressed, and did more paperwork, and left. I was not in the mood to make too much small talk with her today so I read while she did the paperwork and when she was done, I got ready for my shower, got in and out. After KH left, I did my own thing and found a couple of programs my stepfather told me about and downloaded the programs free on my computer – my Macbook laptop, and have been watching repeats of Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E today – Live TV day I see and do not mind. Lunch is on my mind now so I will be going to get a bite to eat here in a moment now. I am hungry and my stomach is growling its want for yummy, tasty food, but what to have is a question right now … so I think I will have a couple of baked potatoes with margarine, grated cheese, and stew. Tomorrow we are making split pea soup and chili here on my meal preparation day along with grocery shopping. HAVING A GREAT DAY!!! YAY! More later…good bye for now and God bless and HAVE A GREAT AFTERNOON! Bye for now. Later…

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