Entry #2 – Afternoon 1

My morning went well and went by very quickly. Today, living in Wisconsin is rather snowy and white as snow is falling fast and causing a lot of wetness on the ground – sidewalks are in need of shoveling but we do have a hard worker for that out there now, I believe. After grocery shopping at Wal-Mart this morning, MM, J, and I came back to my apartment and we made chili and mac N cheese dishes for this week’s meal preparation day. Both MM and J were out of here by 1130 am leaving the rest of the morning to myself and Bing. The meals did not take as long this time. Next week J and I are going to make meatloaf and split pea soup. MM won’t be here since her week next week is going to be busy and kind of screwy. I do have plans for meals coming up in February.


After MM and J left, I ate a mac N cheese meal for lunch and will have chili for supper tonight.

Right now I am relaxing, for at least another 45 minutes, before getting ready to go to my 2 pm appointment with my counselor as I will be picked up at 130 pm or so to get there. I have to go back out in the snowy world once again but I will be in and out and home within an hour and a half after going out in it again. I thought it was amazing outdoors this morning as the snow was falling and making the world white on the sidewalks awaiting to be shoveled yet. I think MP is out there now shoveling. Not sure since I can not see outside my window right now anyway. Too far away and not in the mood to look. I want to stay put, lol, anyway. I will be leaving shortly and I will see, then, if MP has been out there shoveling by seeing snow or no snow on sidewalk.

I will be back later this afternoon when I get home from my appointment to write more. I have to head off now and get going. Have a good afternoon everyone!!!

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