My Morning and More Thoughts… Again..

5 AM

Went to bed by 9 pm last night and then not knowing what time I had actually fallen asleep but the need to know what time I had fallen asleep is not necessary to know anyway. I had slept my allotted 8 hours of sleep and woke up at 5 a.m. or so and have been up since. I have had my breakfast of yogurt this morning – blackberry and pomegranate today that was very, very tasty and good. I am up for the day now and lazing around comfortably and will probably take a nap right in my recliner today but I am not totally sure of that yet. I may have awakened at 5 am but I am not totally awake yet at an hour later. Today is going to be a very good day for me all day long.

A Thought From the Past

Okay, why can I not let some uncomfortable memories go and leave me alone these days. While I was writing the words ‘tasty’ and ‘good’, I thought about ‘The Bitch’ who is married to my brother who always say that certain words were babyish and I need to stop talking like a damn baby. Honestly, that woman my brother is married to is really abusive and nasty to me and has a cold heart. I could not say ‘yum’ or ‘yummy’ in front of ‘The Bitch’ because the words were babyish to her. How rude and mean she was and always will be. I hope I never see her ugly, mean face ever again, and I do wish my brother would divorce her and wise up that his marrying her was a BIG mistake. His wife is one reason why I will never marry and remain single but then again the right man has not shown up in my world yet. Anyway, at my age, I am very much set in my ways and I do not take to change very well but have taken changes a little better lately in the past several weeks before 2010 left us because I pretty much had to. Having my brother and his family back in my life again would be a BIG change and definitely not a wise choice. My brother, sorry to say it this way, can go to hell. He has been spying on me on the internet. What a jackass!! I am so glad they are out of my life now and forever. I will speak the truth about my brother and never will I accept his apology any time soon or ever. I really hate my brother who I did once really love but now since the idiot is married to an abusive wife, nothing is going to be of our brother/sister relationship ever again. Never!! If they ever call, AFTER spying on me online, then, they will be having police knocking at their damn front door. Yes, I am still royally pissed at them for disowning the family in AR and NM. ‘The Bitch’ is a one sick puppy dog!


I am going to lazy about all day comfortably. I am going to eat three meals a day, watch Live and recorded TV programming on my DVR box, read from the 4th book of Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire, play games online at Facebook, and have a quiet day all day long. Even though I feel I have sleep pretty good, I did get up often during the night with things on my mind – my jackass brother and his abusive wife on my mind once again….damn fools they are…and got comfortable once again and fell back to sleep. I really hate it when my brother comes into focus in my mind because he is yet, even though no communication has been happening for about 2 to 3 years now, he is still my brother by blood. I wish I never had a damn brother. I wish it was only me and my sister!! Now it is since the creep of a brother of mine and his damn abusive wife disowned me, my parents in NM, and my parents in AR, and my sister in KS. Grow up, TK….you BITCH! I WILL SHARE WHAT I WANT ON THE INTERNET BECAUSE I WILL ALWAYS BE HONEST WITH MY WORDS, THOUGHTS, AND FEELINGS AT EVERY CORNER OF MY LIFE AND WORLD WEATHER OR NOT YOU LIKE IT. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR SPIES AND YOU SPYING ON MY WORLD AND LIFE BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO BUT DESTROY AND ABUSE OTHER PEOPLE BEHIND THEIR BACKS. YEAH, TK, I AM NO DUMMY AND KNOW WHAT MENTAL ABUSE IS AND I HAVE HEARD ENOUGH CRAP COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH ABOUT YOUR OWN CHILDREN AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS. WHEN I FEEL THE NEED TO TELL OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, IT WILL BE TOLD AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO EVER MAKE A LIAR OUT OF ME ANYMORE. WE ALL KNOW YOU DAMN GAME NOW. YOU ARE THE LIAR AND ABUSER. YØU BITCH! GET A DAMN LIFE! YOIU MENTAL DEFECT! BITCH! GO TO HELL WITH MY BROTHER!

Almost Afternoon

There is about 50 minutes left before the noon hour finally gets here. My morning has been very good and nice so far. I do have to admit one very important thing about this morning, though. I said that I was not going to text or answer the phone to anyone today but a dear friend of mine needed to vent so we texted one another this morning for a couple of hours. My friend is having a frustrating time right now in her life because so much has been going on lately in her life. I do feel for my friend … understand what my friend is going through right now without going into it and broadcasting what her frustrations are all over the internet for other people to see and cause havoc between her and I.. Actually, my friend’s name or initials are not going to be shared as privacy is to be respected all the time. Even if I did use her name or initials, I would not feel right emotionally about sharing such private information with other people even though my life and world is shared here at Dear Diary on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly here. I do not remember when I began to be a diarist here at the moment, either, but that is irrelevant anyway. Anyway, with the afternoon almost here now, I do have to say that it has been a fine, good, nice morning of relaxation of watching TV, being online all morning and so forth. I have yet to read a little of Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire yet today. I haven’t yet, lol. I am surprised.
I will write another entry later in the day, in a long while. Later…

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