January 30

Today has been a super, great day all day for me. We are now in the early evening hours and I have had my friend CKR come down to help me with a couple of things since I was, literally, unable to do myself because of my lower back aching, and I feel so lazy as usual on the weekends lately. Tonight, for the first time in a while, since the NFC game last week, I will be staying up late to watch a movie with my friend that is airing on CBS tonight titled ?The Lost Valentine? starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White. I have to watch the movie!!! Love both actresses very much and Betty White is such a welcome in my home on the TV set. With Betty White being the only actress from Golden Girls who is alive ? R.I.P Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, and Rue Mclanahan, my heart just loves the Golden Girls forever and ever ? still watching the shows in syndication on the Hallmark channel in the mornings and late evenings. CKR are also going to have supper together. Her concoction for supper ? sloppy joe mix with mashed potato and cheese sure sounds interesting and before I say yuck or turn my nose up to it. I have to try it out and that is what we are having for supper tonight. I will have one of my prepared meals for lunch and supper tomorrow then.

Good Night Early Again

Even though I am going to stay up until 10 pm tonight, I am going to say good night early and now because after the movie and CKR leaves, I am going to bed for the night. I will be back sometime tomorrow after my shower and KH leaves. I have no major plans or appointments this week except for my daily living skills Tuesday morning and my meal preparation and grocery shopping on Friday this week, and of course my showers M, W, and Fri. Good night and God bless.

Getting hungry here and I hope CKR hurries it up and gets back here reallllll soon. I will be back tomorrow. I am watching an episode that I recorded Wednesday night ?Blue Bloods? starring Tom Selleck, Len Cariou, and Will Estes!! HURRY UP CKR!!

The Lost Valentine — Hallmark Movie Tonight

Oh my goodness gracious! I am so glad that I stayed up late to watch the Hallmark movie on CBS tonight starring Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt but the one thing that really drives me a little crazy is the fact that i have to stay up a little while before retiring for the rest of the night because…having been crying, tearing, and wondering why the movie such a tear jerker! There was no such a thing of a dry eye in the household tonight. Between me and CKR, tonight, we were both affected by the story that The Lost Valentine sent forth on the TV airwaves tonight, and I have heard about the movie itself for a few days on The Talk talk show starring Leah, Holly, sharon, and Sara last week while Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White both were guests.

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