January 30th

I am starting something different, new moments to me, tomorrow when it comes to writing my thoughts, feelings, and moments at Dear Diary. I have thought of using this a couple of times before but have not been brave to do so because of downloading certain things onto my computer cannot always be trusted. With viruses out there in programs today, I do a lot of research or only download programs that my mom?s husband uses or expresses about a program that my computer OS can and will handle. This is going to be my last Dear Diary journal using my word processor but I intend on keeping up with my journaling every day or pretty close to it anyway. I love it at Dear Diary too much to leave my membership and stop writing my thoughts and feelings, and share my world with the entire world.

Sick and Tired of the Family Drama!!

Why do people have to contend with the past by bringing it up into the future, destroying what of the present that there is for someone? Yes, certain family members do that and do that very well, leaving the present plagued with the past, and letting it rot in their minds and bellies with anger and sadness. That is why I am totally sick and tired of the family drama I have seen, heard, and unfortunately experienced myself grhe powing up and still at times, as an adult, relive because of family not leaving the past where it belongs ? in the past! I am sick and tired of drama altogether and leaving those people behind and moving on in my life without those who live in drama continuously. I do not need to the headaches, sleepless nights, and constant tears, and walking on egg shells is horrible. Having the feeling of having to watch over your shoulder is absolutely crazy and insane, and I have had to look over my shoulder to make sure I was safe everywhere I went. Not having to do that any longer and feeling safe everywhere I go now is such a wonderful feeling. I am also sick and tired of the spies in the family … getting other people to spy on me is an intrusion of my privacy and what I do on line is my business, and now that spying has become an obvious thing of the present now that certain family members call and act like idiots on their end of the line screaming and hollering untruth into my ear on my shows absolutely insanity on their parts and not mind. I am not affected by such actions of what happened today but I can surely say that if anymore calls with unblocked numbers happen again, the authorities will still be notified and the problem will be handled that way. Some people are just plain dumb at times and definitely certain family members are definitely ill and need to be put in an insane asylum. So stop spying on me you idiotic, dead family members!! I will express my thoughts and feelings online anywhere I choose to whether or not you like it so get used to it or stop using the internet yourselves and get paying jobs! Thank you! I am sitting here laughing and chuckling day and night because I know who the idiots are now and it is definitely not me. My life is to damn busy to be on the computer spying on family members or any of my friends 24/7! What assholes some people can be!

The Sounds of London?

I heard sirens, not sure what they were – police, ambulance, fire truck – this afternoon. I thought I was in London when I heard the sirens because the sirens sounded exactly like what emergency vehicles sound in London. I was not taken aback by the sound, but just the thought of being in London at the moment had surprised me a little bit. I did not know what emergency vehicle had their sirens going anjd I did not look out my window to find out because it was not my business to get into but the sirens did sound close enough to be heard clearly, and the sirens did not stop at the building which I was glad. Anytime an ambulance stops here, it is not always very good and everyone wants to know what happened and why. You know … nosy neighbors, lol. The tenants here, except for a few of them who keep to themselves, nothing to do around here unless they are asking questions as to what is going on. I know for a fact that the tenants who are being nosy do not really care what happens. I know the tenants who care about others other than themselves but they will remain nameless and their privacy will not be invaded.

Not Sure Anymore…

I have really liked someone very much and now I am not so sure. I will explain sometime tomorrow or later in the week.

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