Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday!

I do have to admit that I am excited about the Super Bowl today. It is between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers at 530 pm – ?? in Wisconsin. My neighbor and friend CKR and I have put together a party for the Super Bowl in our building’s community room even though there is going to be only 4 of us attending – which is fine but also a downer at the same because no one else signed up except for BB, CD, myself, and CKR – to attend the party. It just does not seem fair exactly either but the tenants who live in the building are older than me – most of them are anyway – and a few of them do not wish for me to be living here even after practically 13 years or so now. I have a right to live here as well as everyone else in this building too, and those who have a problem … can … excuse my expression … go to hell for all I care now-a-days then. I am going to have a good time at the “party” even though … only 4 of us are attending…the other tenants can go elsewhere. I trust only a couple of tenants in here anyway.

Green Bay Packers VS Pittsburg Steelers

As of 845 pm CST, Green Bay 28 Pittsburg 25

Are the Packers going to win the game or the Steelers. It is a very close game right now and … not sure how the game is going to really end yet since it is only the 3rd quarter of the 2nd half of the game. It can go either way but from what I have been watching so far and not sure if the Packers are playing a very good game anymore. I think they burned themselves out playing so hard in the 1st half of the game. We shall see.

As of the end of the game, CST, Green Bay 31 Pittsburg 25 … so the Packers did win Super Bowl XLV (did I have the right numerals?)

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