My Day Today – Wednesday – Feeling Normal – Getting Caught Up!!

My Day Today

My day today … normal for once in over a week now … FINALLY! Anyway, I had my shower at 1130 am this morning instead of 930 am … KH was late but she did call to tell me she was going to be late so I did not have my shower until 12 noon – 1 pm this afternoon. I dislike having my showers at that hour of the day because it makes my day seem a little off but KH was late today and she did call, so my dislike of having my shower later than usual could not be help. She was running late with the client before me in Milton, Wisconsin for some reason. Anyway, I had my shower today. From now on, on Mondays and Wednesdays, my shower schedule will be at 1130 am and on Fridays at 930 am since I have a standing appointment at 1130 – 230 every Friday now.

Today was a very good day.


For some reason … even though it is has been Wednesday all day … it did not seem like a Wednesday to me at all … all day long. I am not sure it is so because I had my shower this afternoon instead of this morning. It does not bother me that my shower schedule has changed from 930 am on Mondays and Wednesdays to 1130 am but I do have to admit that KH being late was the reason or not. It did feel like my day was thrown off and I did not even go anywhere today unlike yesterday when I went to the doctor’s office to get my blood work done for the doctor in Janesville and my kidney coordinator in Madison to check and make sure that my kidney creatine, sodium levels, and other counts were balancing out or finally at level where they should be.

Feeling Normal

I am not feeling sick anymore and I am finally feeling normal again. I am getting used to the fluid restriction the doctor put me on the weekend of the 11th – 14th of February. I do not feel dry anymore in my mouth but did feel a little dry this morning when I had awakened but not for long when I got a couple of sips of water. I am eating again and feeling pretty good.

Getting Caught Up!!

As of today, I am all caught up with my dear diary friends even though I have written very little from the 11th – 22nd in some entries. I would like to thank everyone who take the time to read my entries and put me in the top ten spot of dear diarists.

One More Thing

It is getting late and I am getting tired – finally – and so I am going to say good night and God bless now. Tomorrow I have a counseling appointment in the afternoon but will be back sometime tomorrow to write again. Good night and God bless everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read and understand what my life is all about – boring or not. Ever since I have been home from the hospital last week, the 14th of February, I have been having my friend CKR over for every evening to help me out since I still tired easily due to being on new medication for my anxiety disorder. More tomorrow. Have a good rest of the night everyone…

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