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March 12

23rd Anniversary

Today is the 23rd anniversary of my kidney transplant. Where has the time come and gone? Today I am taking the day and doing some relaxing, reading, watching TV recordings from my cable DVR box, and doing some public and private journaling and diary writing. My neighbor KM and I went to see Midsummers Night’s Dream at Parker High School in Janesville, Wisconsin last night as a treat for both of us to get out of the building for a couple of hours, so today I am taking the day for myself and Bing Crosby the cat and thinking of not having CSE over again later today either. This is going to be my day and I will call my mom later today to wish her a happy 23rd anniversary because she was my kidney donor in 1988. I am not doing anything special today except staying home with my apartment door locked and not answering the phone when people call except for friends and family.

Midsummers Night’s Dream High School Play

It has been a very, very long time since I set foot through high school doors, so last night setting foot in Parker High School, it felt funny. I did not know what to think when I saw high school age students waiting to see the play or participate in it. I did not realize that high school students could be so loud and somewhat obnoxious these days much worse than when I was in high school 21 years ago – 22 years ago this coming June 1st. It was an experience I remember as a high school student myself but I do not ever remember being so boisterously loud like the kids were last night. It was a strange experience. It was not a scary or horrible experience but it gave me the understanding that now that I am an adult, I am glad I am not in high school anymore after all. Also Park High School is my high school, Craig Sr. High School’s, rival. Yep, I went to a play at my high school’s rival school, lol. Despite the strangeness of entering a high school for the first time in a long time, I do have to admit that it was definitely okay but I have come to the conclusion, FINALLY, that I will never set foot in Craig High School anymore unless to attend a play or special program in the auditorium we have there. No more need to visit teachers anymore. I have finally outgrown that but sure do miss my former teachers – most of them retired or passed away now. Anyway…
The play was awesome, funny, and the high schoolers in the play did a fantastic job on a Shakespearean play! I had to listen intently or otherwise I would have missed out on what was being said because of the wording was very different in Shakespeare’s time. The play was excellent and I enjoyed it. There were five acts and there was to be an intermission after the 3rd act but they went through all of the acts without an intermission ending the program in good time but I could not understand why they did not do the intermission at first. KM and I went to the play because I want to learn more about William Shakespeare now that I am older and no longer a teenager, going to a Shakespearean play in my Senior year of high school while taking an Humanities class with one of my favorite teachers who ended up getting fired because of sexual misconduct with a minor which has been later proven falsified by students who just wanted him fired and actually got him fired and unable to teacher again in the state of Wisconsin. I do not exactly remember what the play was but being 17 years old, the play itself was confusing. Being 40 years old now, I do have to say, Midsummers Night’s Dream, was understood.

On the Watch

KM’s attitude has been fine but I am definitely on the watch from now on. I am not rushing into anything with her anymore and keeping my distance otherwise. I will not go running to KM when she is vacuuming the hallways because I still do not believe she is mentally stable to be fully trusted. Last night she mentioned a couple of things about the tenants, the building, the management, and how this building seems to be too institutionalized and that is why no one is renting an apartment here. I was not appalled by what was being said but I do have to say I was totally shocked that she said this to me at a time that was, to me, inappropriate. I was actually kind of embarrassed to have heard what she had said, some of things she mentioned last night was a repeat from the moment she has come back to live here. She just does not let it die and go on with her life and business without upsetting the apple cart all the time with other tenants and making me feel uncomfortable because I have to have total respect of the on-site management and property management. I feel that, unfortunately, I am caught between a rock and a hard place right now. I do wish that KM would just move back out of here and never return. She has hatred towards a tenant here that is unbelievable. I have never heard or seen so much hatred come out of a person as much as I have seen the hatred coming out of KM other than my brother’s wife. It makes me wonder, seriously, how much hatred comes out of me and since I am looking from within, I do not see so much hatred coming out of me personally. What in the world am I going to do? Do I have move out of here to get away from KM myself? Dang!!! I can not move right now. AAARRRGGG! I will be okay, though. I am sure of it.

Did Talk to CSE About Abusing Her Laptop

I did talk to CSE about her beating up on the mouse against the table and shutting the laptop too hard and banging on the keys when frustrated about her computer acting up on her. She did tell me, being very that I was straight to the point, firm about it, and she was definitely okay with my honesty. I did some rethinking about not allowing CSE’s computer into my home and decided to talk to her about what I felt about her abusing her laptop when it acted up and gave her an understanding that if continued, she would have to go to the community room to be on her computer. I feel, in the heat of the moment of my entries previous to my talking to CSE about her attitude with her computer, may have been a little too quick in making CSE’s laptop not be used in my home. I believe we got it taken care of and we shall wait and see what transpires after I talked to CSE. It is the Christian thing to do and feel better about it now.

Let Me Share My Thoughts On Pet Peeves

I have many pet peeves. Everyone has their own pet peeves. I definitely have mine and I could probably write two pages worth of pet peeves that I do have. I would love to share some of my pet peeves and I will let everyone else see if there are any pet peeves of mine that are similar to theirs.

Some of My Pet Peeves

1. People telling me to stop texting or messaging on Facebook when I am replying or responding to their texts and messages when they say they are too busy to chat or reply back when they are the ones who choose to reply back stating they are too busy themselves when they can wait to reply back later when they are not busy themselves! (I am speaking this because I have a close friend who does this to me all the time.)
2. People telling me not be on Facebook when I am on vacation family out of state because they will not reply to any of my posts or messages on Facebook when I can be on the internet or on my Facebook page anytime I want to. (I have a friend who says this to me all the time!)
3. People using ALL CAPS when telling me not to something whether it is a text message, a message on Facebook, or an email. (I rarely use email with certain friends now-a-days and texting or messaging on Facebook is done on a daily or weekly basis.)
4. People not taking the time to read the full message in a text or on Facebook before telling me I am repeating myself again, and they will not reply back if I continue repeating myself on the same subject being discussed.
5. Wells Fargo Loan Company calling me before 9 am in the morning and at 8 pm at night, and at my dinner hour. It is like they do not have respect for the sleeping, people eating dinner, or people trying to relax before retiring to bed for the night. After I make a payment for the month, Wells Fargo continues to call my home and tell me I owe them a payment!
6. People interrupting other people’s conversations.
7. Friends calling me before coming over to see if I am busy. (I live in a security locked building so I have a buzzer system to let me know I have a caller at the door, but I will not let any of my friends in unless they call me first so I will answer the door.)
8. People calling my home and not leaving a message on my answering machine
9. People calling and hanging up after the answering machine kicks in and the hang up is recorded
10. People calling my number and then when I answer the phone they tell me that they did not mean to call me but someone else. I have a neighbor who does that all the time because she still has my phone number on speed dial and she does this several times a month.
11. My neighbors not reading my “Do Not Disturb” sign on my door when I do not want neighbors knocking on my door because I am busy or not feeling very good.
12. People not minding their own business
13. Gossip and rumors.

Anyway…this is only a short list of pet peeves I have chosen to share. Why did I share some of my pet peeves? It is so other people can get to know me better or more. I am working on correcting some of my pet peeves to this day because I need to yet express my feelings with a close friend of mine about the texting, messaging, and Facebook thing. I am not upset with my close friend but I do have to admit that I have been annoyed by this close friend of mine so many times lately. Venting here… I am on Facebook ALL the time for something to do and to play, and converse with other friends and family who are on Facebook as well, Geesh!! When someone does not have the time to chat or message themselves, I understand that they are busy, but then they can get back to me when they are not busy. I do have a tendency to allow things grow and grow before I crack emotionally and want to scream and holler at someone because I am constantly reminded of this and that that someone is busy and I need to stop messaging this person and … their problem. So what if I am on Facebook ALL day and replying to game requests, messages, pokes, and applications. If they do not like the idea of me messaging them as often as I do, then they need to stop messaging me as often as they do or they, opinion only, can stop and think of their actions before telling me what to do as if it is always my fault and I have a close friend who seems to put all the blame on me at times. Another Geesh!

No More Needs To Be Said Now, LOL

I believe I have written/said anymore tonight. I am going to say good night and God bless and come back tomorrow sometime. Good night and God bless. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about me today.

Ksmiley smiles. Good night!

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