March 15

I Do Not Recommend It, LOL

Okay, I do not recommend staying up until 1 am the following morning and be aware of your surroundings by 830 am in the morning when you know you have your cleaning help coming at 9 am. I am awake and aware of my surroundings at any given time but I am physically unable to walk around my apartment without assistance from a cane or walker when I do not have my brace and shoes on, lol. I may not feel too physically tired, but my body does feel weaker and definitely lazy. At this time, even though I prefer to have my showers at 9, 930, or 10 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, having KH coming tomorrow between 1130 – 12 noon tomorrow is not going to be a problem for me this week.

People NEED To Grow Up!

Remembering being real good friends a certain group of people but have had to walk away from this certain group of people because of their constant bickering, bitching, whining, back stabbing, drama, and constant mood swings and shift was what I had to do. Today, even to this very day the very group of people I walked away from is still causing some kind of trouble with my best friend JSL for some reason or another – whether it is attacking her personally or through a friend of hers – like me – just to bring on trouble for themselves. These people are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and very immature and rude. These people live for drama, whether it is drama they create themselves or drama this constantly around them. I have walked away from KW and her husband JW last year for reasons of the type of friends they have – troublemakers are the type of people KW and her husband JW have in their lives. Anyway, these people NEED to grow up and start seeing how they are acting is totally stupid! JSL is constantly being attacked by this certain group of people on facebook. It makes me wonder if JSL’s other friends on her facebook page are helping make things worse for her because some of her other friends I have no contact with or care to, are friends with the this group of people.

Another Pet Peeve Of Mine

One of my pet peeves of mine I have not shared yet is:

1. People saying they will be here by a certain time but do not show up on the time they say they will be here. CSE does this to me practically every day and I have talked to her about being on time more than once (several times) and she still continues to be fashionably late!

How many times do I have to talk to someone about being late all the time/every day? AAARRRGGG!!!

I will be back later. I do believe I will not be up super late tonight. I am not going to have CSE here for very long tonight, either. Maybe at least until 10 pm.

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