I do have to admit that my afternoon has been a little bit more different than most afternoons – at least today anyway. I was not bored at all morning or this afternoon but I do have to admit that it was an awesome afternoon to nap most of the day – weather permitting it anyway. We had rainy, stormy weather today – one day short of the 1st day of Spring – music to my ears for this particular, typical Sunday kind of day. Boredom did not set in but I did not get to finishing my Harry Potter #5 book yet today as planned but I have a couple of hours or so before heading to bed to get it all read. I DO plan on having the 5th installment of Harry Potter read tomorrow and the 6th book started tomorrow as well. Today was reading, writing, playing games on Facebook, being online, and watching TV all day, and of course, today I napped off and on throughout the day. I am not sure when bed will be a welcome. Today was definitely a very lazy day for me —– ALL DAY LONG! Now I am doing my very best at catching with ALL of my recorded cable DVR box TV programs, movies, and shows and failing miserably, lol, today for sure. Oh well. I won’t be caught up this week, either, I am afraid. I may have to delete some shows and forfeit watching them and stay caught up starting April 1, 2011 from now on. I will be okay. I just finished watch I Yabba Dabba Do and now am watching Scooby Doo: Where Are You. Next, it’ll be the Smurfs. and then probably bedtime.

I will be back later…if not tomorrow for sure.

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