We have had our first thunderstorm this morning and it is not yet the 1st day of Spring. Tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring. We did not have a major storm or anything but it was a nice thunderstorm and it was music to my ears today. The thunderstorm was not real loud but it sure did make me jump a little bit when the thunder clap got closer but I was not totally worried about it much. I have been busy watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent on my DVR box I recorded the past two weeks, been online playing Farkle, Farm Town, and catching up on my emails, and taking it easy today. Since I had CSE over for a while last night I will probably not have her here tonight. I texted her a quickie to let her know that I have everything under control for the time being but will let her know if I need help later if necessary and she told me “ok, later”. Right now I am enjoying the rest of my morning with having eaten breakfast and an early lunch, and now Bing is laying on the foot rest of my recliner as I sit here recline in my recliner after being online on my desktop for about an hour or so. I am not sure what I am going to do today except read, write, and watch TV all day. I am actually taking a tiny break from texting people today. In other words, not in the mood to really text much today unless I really have to. Texting CSE was necessary and important before I got busy doing nothing, lol.

I will write more later.

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