My Evening

Right now CSE is upstairs in the laundry room getting her laundry put in the dryers, but she is here helping me this evening with Bing’s litter box, water and food, and helping cook supper for me tonight. My body aches enough that ever step I take right now is achy and crucial to the touch on the floor for some reason. I do not ache as badly as I did earlier this afternoon but the ache is still unbearable at this point. Anyway, knowing I will not be back later tonight because I am taking the rest of the night off from Dear Diary tonight. The weather is rainy and yucky outdoors today and have been so all day long unfortunately. Yucky outside and I feel yucky inside. So taking the night off from Dear Diary after this entry makes the rest of the evening to do what I want to do before going to bed. I have yet some things to write about but I want to wait until tomorrow. I am still fuming about a few things yet and having hormonal changes right does not really help at the moment, lol. i will be okay, though. At this point I am okay anyway. I am in one of my moods tonight and not one of the happiest people at the moment. AARRGG!!

Good night and God bless.

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