Entry #1

Today I had awakened just before 8 am and decided to get my day started somewhat until KH got here to help me with my shower. I do not feel that good again because I have a Springtime cold. My nose is stuffed up, runny a bit, a little cough, a little achy but no registered temp, and physically blah but I am NOT going to allow my Springtime cold take control of me. I am still going to have KH here this morning as well as J to help make some meals for the week. We are making chicken soup and hamburger patties for this week! Yum! I sort of can not go grocery shopping today so we are going to make do with what food I do have for the time being and I am definitely okay with that. After J leaves this afternoon I do not know what my plans are so I am going to stay home and do some writing, reading, and watching more TV today, as well as of course play games on Facebook and do emails, and so forth. I do plan on functioning despite how I physically feel.

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