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My world at the moment is kind of busy. I am still feeling kind of yucky with the virus that I have and as of today, I am sure the antibiotic I am taking for pneumonia is working because I thought I was becoming dehydrated because of the amount of fluid I was able to take in being normal but I have been having some diarrhea – come to find out the antibiotic I am taking for the pneumonia – that darn antibiotic called Augmentin. I have taken it before and remembered after ER doctor told me it can and does. As from what the doctor could hear with my lungs, they were sounding good and indicates that the medication I am taking are working on the pneumonia. Blood work was done up to make sure i was not dehydrated or am dehydrated but the labs showed no indication if dehydration and labs showed that my electrolytes were good, creatine being 1.5. The only thing my blood work showed was that my potassium was low so the doctor prescribed me was some potassium. I have an appointment with Dr. H on Friday to re-evaluate the fact that I had a spot on one of my lungs and was prescribed the antibiotic for pneumonia.

My mind seems to be a little confused of what day was what.


I hope i lick this virus real soon because it is no fun whatsoever, and believe me, I hate being sick thus long. At least I do not have an ear or sinus infection as of yet.

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