VenTing Already @ This Hour

I am going To church in a few minuTes and I have already goTTen a phone call This morning from Wells Fargo concerning my loan. I did noT pick up The phone when iT rang because I was geTTing ready for church and I have To leave my aparTmenT in a momenT, and whaT boThers me abouT Wells Fargo calling my This morning is 2 Things:

1. IT is before 9 am
2. I have spoken To someone jusT yesTerday abouT paying my loan on The 3rd of May.

Donesn’T anyone There EVER READ oTher worker’s noTes? I am beginning To Think no one reads anyone’s noTes aT work There! I even swore!!!! oops!!
More laTer…

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