Fashionably Late As Usual

CSE is still not here. It is after 530 pm now and she is still not here. She is fashionably late as usual. I AM SICK OF IT. VERY SICK OF IT. I am no longer going to give a time when to be down here to visit me anymore. I am sick and tired of her being late as usual and I am sick and tired of hearing her excuses. I was telling Bing as I was heading to the bathroom that I am no longer going to invite CSE down here because she seems to disrespect me and my time of having her here and if she hears me while she stands at my door one day, I do not care if she does. Maybe she needs to hear me and start seeing that being on time would help. She gets me mad every time she has a time to be here. I do not believe she tries hard enough – does not even try to be on time. I am calling her the fashionably late girl from now on and I am DONe inviting her to my place at a certain time from now on. I cannot wait to hear her excuses this time – the cat got out, her ex-husband called, I was delivering something to NMS, I fell asleep and just woke up, are her excuses. Yes, she makes me very mad most of the time! Why do I even bother. After today, I am not bothering anymore. She will be calling me from now on and I will ask her to come done right then and see if she likes it. I am SICK and TIRED of having to wait for her. If she was working for me, I would have fired her a long time ago. I AM DONE WAITING FOR HER STARTING TODAY! SHE HAS LOST HER CHANCES NOW. AARRGG!

More later…

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