My Thoughts At the Moment & Good Night

It has been a very good day, despite the weather and yucky cold and rain. I did not go anywhere today but was hoping to go to the corner gas station or Walgreens earlier this afternoon but it rained and it was too cold. I am not taking any chances of going out when it is cold and rainy anymore since I have gotten sick with pneumonia about three weeks ago. The meeting I had this morning went well with MM, TG, J, and me. Four of us were sitting at the kitchen table and one white 6 year ol cat on the kitchen table being an attention grabber and loving to TG for the most part because she has a cat at home. Bing was giving TG a bath on her hard and wrist to wash away the scent of her cat. Bing was a good cat for the most part of the meeting but he did have a cat attitude a little bit as well. After the meeting, which ended around 1130 a.m., I had the place to myself for the rest of the day and evening with no plans on going anywhere at all because the weather was wet and rainy, and it did thunder a little bit for a while – not thundering loudly in my opinion. I did not have CSE down here at all tonight.

Speaking of CSE…

I did text her and ask her if she was busy tomorrow evening before 8 pm and she texted me back saying she was not busy tomorrow at this point. I ddi ask her if she could come down tomorrow before 8 pm – not giving her a time frame to be down for a visit – to help Bing. She texted me back asking if 7 pm would be okay. I replied back to her saying that 7 pm would be fine but given that I wanted to go to bed early tomorrow night because I had a big day Thursday and had an appointment at 9 am away from the building, and asked her please not to be late and that lateness will not be tolerated right now because I am beginning to feel the changes of the month happening and that I wanted to be in bed by 830 p.m. so I can have 8 to 9 hours of sleep for Thursday to not have any problems with my legs and body getting tired due to weather changes and being out of the apartment for more than 3 to 4 hours. I did not say to her directly that I am sick and tired of her always being late. I wanted to say I am sick and tired of her being late every time I invite her down for a visit but I believe it would be done so out of spite and because I am becoming moody because of my body changing for the month. I am sick and tired of CSE being late every time i invite her down and that is why I will no longer be inviting down for a visit at a specific time. She is not invited down to stay tomorrow evening. From now on she will have to be on her computer elsewhere — at her own place or in the community room. Starting in May, she will begin paying me every other month to use the internet. She is no longer going to be helping me as much anymore. I need a break from CSE at this time in my life. I believe our friendship is not strong as it was a few years ago now and it has weakened from when we reconnected in January of this year.

Changes Still in the Works

With LG moving out of state as of May 1st, I have been working on making changes in my own life since LG was the ONLY person in this building at this time but she has only 13 days left before she moves. I will be seeing her sometime this week before Easter Sunday to retrieve her new telephone number and address. I do not like good byes so I will probably not see her anymore after having dinner with her, KM, and BB at Ponderosa for our Easter dinner together this year. Good byes seem to be final and deathlike so I will not say good bye to LG when she leaves TM for good. I do have to admit that I will miss her dearly and that her happiness is very important to me as well for her. After Easter Sunday, communicating with KM will be less. If she wants to see me or talk to me, she will have to be the one initiating the conversations and I will always be civil with her at all times even though I do not care for her attitude most of the time anymore. Changes are in the works.

Good Night and God bless

It is after 1130 pm. Stayed up and watched two episodes of Dr. Phil tonight – yesterday’s recorded episode and tonight’s episode that was being recorded. Now, I am going to say…

Good night and God bless, and come back tomorrow sometime. Have a great night and sleep well.

Thank you for checking in.

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