the Appointment

My appointment with Dr. H went well. I was in and out within an half an hour and Dr. H and I talked about what happened. I did feel real foolish allowing my anxiety to take over my life regarding my health but Dr. H did not think anything odd about it because my health is very important to me and she also stated that until I felt better and was getting down to the bottom of things was just fine. i keep Dr. H on top of how I feel and and she also told me that the doctors I communicate with here and in Madison also let her know what is going on and if I want to reassure myself I can ask the doctor I am seeing at the time to communicate with her at any given time. I learned today that every doctor I have dealt with while I was dealing with my feeling yucky communicated with Dr. H the entire time. I had left the doctor’s office with a light heart – a feeling that the heaviest burdens were lifted off my shoulders and that I could begin to heal from my anxiety attack – an attack that I more or less put myself into – once more.

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