Not Going To Church Today, Not Feeling Well, She Did It Again!

Not Going To Church Today

At the rate my week went this week, I decided to take a day off of church this weekend and will return next Saturday. NMS will attend SS and church worship time but will not stay for potluck this weekend. I decided not to go and get some rest for the day.

Not Feeling Well

All of a sudden I am not feeling very well. My stomach is cramping and I feel like I can throw up a little bit. I actually did throw up in the waste basket by my recliner. I have decided to get comfortable on the futon and rest a while to see if the cramping will subside a bit but I think I got a little bit of a bug again – a 24 hr bug or something. I am going to get as comfortable as I can.

She Did It Again!

CSE was going to come down and visit me for a while but while she was upstairs, late as usual once more, doing her laundry, told me she will be down at 730 but did not show up til 8 and then proceeded to tell me her ex-husband and wife called saying they were coming over and CSE and I had made plans before they called! She did it to me again by dropping our plans to be with them. This is the 3rd time she did this to me! I just do not understand CSE at all. Why can she not say that she has already made plans with others and have her ex and wife come later or another day? It is not that hard. I still feel that there is something unhealthy about this relationship and something shady is about her ex-husband. I happen, unfortunately, know all of his exes, and new wife! His 1st wife died before the divorce was final and i knew her as well, unfortunately. Even though I do not feel very good right now, I had plans to have CSE down here for awhile but she blew me off again – only staying here for a few minutes and then leaving. AARRGG!! I wish she would get her world straightened out. I do not know how many times I have talked to her now – til I am blue in the face, actually. Dang it! She pissed me off big time for the 3rd time!!!

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