My Afternoon and Evening

This afternoon consisted of Scooby Doo Cartoon movies and a scooby Doo movie titled Curse of the Lake Monster, and then I decided to record the last Scooby Doo cartoon tonight and watch a series of Ghost Whisperer starting Jennifer Love Hewitt – a favorite actress I enjoy watching in movies and TV series. I barely remember her in Party of Five but have seen her on at a younger age. I have seen her in the Garfield movies and the Ghost Whisperer these days. CSE is here visiting for the evening – a late night this is for me. Anyway…

Of all the people who visited me this evening, before CSE, was KM. I had asked her if she tried to stop by yesterday afternoon and she was the one who was knocking at the door. I did not want any visitors yesterday whatsoever until CSE came down for a few minutes last night – ditching our plans again for her ex and ex’s new wife. Again feeling the after affects of being pushed aside and watching from the sidelines… This relationship she has with her ex really bothers me to the point it will not leave my retching gut alone. Something is wrong with this relationship because her ex communIcates with CSE while his one ex – a friend of mine from the past does not want nothing to do with her ex at all. I right at all.

As for the rest of my evening, I have been on and off facebook playing my games there. I am so addicted to Cafe World once again and have been playing it everyday – unless I am not feeling very good like yesterday afternoon with stomach cramps and slight headache that is now pretty much gone. Slept a bit yesterday. Was tired pretty much. Did not want much yesterday except comfort and barely got it. Anyway, tonight am watching cartoons now before heading to bed.

A Glimpse Into Tomorrow

I have my shower at 1130 am and then I have an appointment at 2 pm and will be leaving here tomorrow at 130 or so to get to my appointment. I do not have a very busy week exactly but have a couple of appointments this week otherwise my week is pretty easy going.

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