This Afternoon

This afternoon has been very good and busy. My cOunseling appointment went well and I got home around 330 pm, texted CSE to come down to visit not sure when the weather is going to be decent in the evening hours as thunderstorms are heading our way today. We have already had some hail and rain and lightning this morning. I had shut down my computer and modem for a while before I left for my afternoon appointment – pissing off a tenant who stalked out of the community room because he could not access the internet with my modem. I told him I shut down my computer and modem because I had to. He was pissed off to the point of stomping out of the community room and leaving the building to go some place. I learned a few days ago that he was looking at pornography on line using my internet. he has not, yet this month, not paid me his $10. I just got done calling a good friend of mine about getting a password put on the modem I do have. CSE is going to be allowed to use my internet provider when I get a password on it. I am NOT allowing a man or woman to look at pornography using my internet wirelessly. NO WAY! It is gross and demeaning! GROSS!!! Ewww! Anyway, CSE came down early to be with me for awhile this afternoon and evening.

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