The Rest of My Day

After my foot appointment with Dr. A, I came home and sat around watching TV, reading, and playing games on my facebook page. Not a whole lot really going on this evening. CSE just left for the night in hopes that she will be getting together with a relative of hers outside of town tomorrow for the day if this relative does not cancel on her. I have no major plans tomorrow either except for KH coming to give me my Wednesday afternoon shower and from then she will be over for a while after work to visit and help me out since CSE will be gone for the day – at least I hope CSE will be gone for the day with her relative. I personally think that I will have a fairly quiet day – hoping that my friend PV calls me tomorrow afternoon to help me with putting a password on my modem so this neighbor can no longer access the internet and look at porn on his laptop downstairs here in the community room across the hall. I am still royally pissed off at him for what happened yesterday and earlier today – he was acting like a child who did not get his way whatsoever and will not from now on. I am NOT going to be an accessory to his looking at porn on his damn computer if I can help it and I am going to fix that. The idiotic jerk has NOT paid me for the month of May and June to use my wireless network anyway. Still not going to take money from that idiotic jerk anymore either. He is a nasty thinking man. He should move. Anyway,,,

It is getting late and all i have been doing was vent ALL day long and still doing it for some reason. My life is not a bowl of wipe cherries right now I can say that with delight because i am not at all perfect whatsoever. CSE had my keys this afternoon and ate supper here tonight for me to be safe and comfortable because of what happened yesterday and today. This tenant really shook me up enough that I can not really get it off my mind for some reason. My safety felt threatened for a while but I have it back now. This neighbor idiot is plain crazy and nuts and someone to be feared. Why he lives here now is beyond me. I want him out of here just as bad as the management does. He is a creep. He is VERY sick and gross. i am glad I will no longer deal with him after tomorrow. Venting has been rather numerous today! Wow! My life is definitely not perfect indeed. Whew!

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