Not Sure If It Is True – Hopefully It Is To Be Honest Here

I have heard from the manager that this gentleman is moving as of July 1st. We both hope that it is definitely true and not just word out of his mouth to satisfy our curiosity and minds because he is a liar, a cheater, and a man who will bring prostitutes into our building to have sex in this building in his apartment. He is not wanted and many tenants, the management, and I want him to leave this place and never have the wants to come back here again. he lives in my former apartment #308 and knowing that a porn and sex addicts lives in my old apartment makes me want to puke. The idea of him coming into my apartment with another tenant to be his so-called witness – a cronie I call this man because he was dumb enough to be roped into being a witness for this asshole in the first place – pissed me off to the point that I am not sure if I can trust this other tenant again! I am pissed and I hope he realizes how dumb he really was being a part of this situation. We do hope this porn addict does really move and take his illness with him. He is not wanted here anymore. What a jackass!

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