My Weekend Has Begun

I am not going to answer the phone to anyone except for family and important calls. My phone did ring twice so far since I had awakened and I did make phone call to my employer but he did not answer the phone. At least I think I dialed the right number, lol. This is my weekend for myself and Bing and I did not answer the phone when my home/land line rang. I am holding to this being my weekend and my weekend alone. I do not know if I will hear from TB about a ride to church tomorrow today or not but I surely hope so anyway. Otherwise church is going to be a part of my “me weekends” whenever I go on Saturdays and Sundays. I just did not go today to church in Beloit, Wisconsin for personal and emotional reasons. I am total ly confused about my surrogate mom’s attitude and behavior lately as I have been warned to be very careful around her and another tenant our property manager is upset with. I do not know which direction I am going with those two anymore but I vowed I will never allow my friend BB be alone with KM as much as I can. I am not going across the hall to the community room this afternoon to play cards with neighbors. I am staying home with my door locked all weekend watching recorded TV shows, read, do my writing like right now, lol, and be there for Bing whenever he wants his snuggle/cuddle time. Already this morning he has meowed his good morning and I love you meows and came to me for a pat or two but not to be picked up and cuddled yet. He did come up onto the recliner and lay on my lap for a half an hour before leaving to take his cat nap on the kitchen table after getting his morning fill of cat treats and some IAMS I use for cat treats. This is my weekend away from people. I even thought of texting my friend CSE to see about her coming down to help Bing and I but I remembered this is my weekend. Maybe tomorrow night after my weekend is finally over but not sure otherwise I will wait until next week to see her. I need a break from CSE now.

Harry Potter Saturday!

Today Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – the 1st 4 movies are airing on ABC Family so I am recording those movies today to watch them later and watching bits and pieces of the movie while not watching recorded TV programming. It is Harry Potter day for me once more – finally finishing the Harry Potter series last week and now reading a book that my surrogate mother borrowed to me titled Battered To Blessed by Brenda Walsh – a Seventh-day Adventist who is now on 3ABN (3 Angels Broadcasting Network on channel 129 in our city on digital cable boxes. Brenda grew up as a Seventh-day Pastor’s daughter all her life and has written her story about her first marriage of emotional, physical, and mental abuse from her 1st husband Dave Logan. Brenda left Dave, with the help of her older sister Linda, saving herself and her daughter Becky and getting a divorce from her abusive husband. Her 1st husband is a police officer and was abusive and threatened to kill her and his daughter more than once and took Brenda to a shooting range and telling her to stand in front of one of the targets while he shot at the targets missing her every shot and then taking her home. With this portion of her story of a 20 chapter book, I do have to admit that there were tears streaking down my face for her safety and endurance of becoming a strong woman finding happiness once again for herself and daughter marrying again to a loving man in the Seventh-day Adventist faith. Today Brenda works for 3ABN in Illinois where she has resided most of her life as a child and adult today even though as a child she moved around a lot because of her father’s work as a pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist faith. Battered To Blessed is an awesome book and definitely a change from reading about wizards, witches, magic and spells, good and evil, and children going to a wizarding school to learn how to survive with those who are muggles who are not wizards or witches. Actually both genres of books are of two extreme ends to be very honest here.

I am heading off for a while and will come back if I have time to do so. Everyone have a good day!

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