No More Unsecured Router! Yay!

I no longer have an unsecured modem/wireless router! I was able to put a password on my network last night before I had my modem configured properly to get back online when the internet became a problem between 9 pm – 10:30 pm or so. The gentleman, knowing that I have probably really made him angry, can no longer get online using my router. I believe all the tenants who have computers and internet access have their modems/routers locked an I d password protected. This gentleman, neighbor can no longer look at pornography on his computer unless he gets his own modem/router in his apartment now. YAY! I am now protected and safe from anyone who wants to get online and surf the web. I am no longer going to be used like this gentleman used me. This neighbor has made me so sick in knowing what he has been doing when I did give him permission to use my wireless network. I do not mind if anyone looks at pornography on their computers as long as it is in the privacy of their own home and not in the public areas where people are constantly on the come and go.

Anyway, with that said, I do have to admit that the fiasco with the modem/router has caused an emotional upset this evening at my end, I do have to admit that now having my modem/router (whatever you call it today, lol) password protected makes me feel more secure knowing that no one can get online unless they have my password or have their own internet access/connection. This neighbor is very sick – really sick man. It has been heard that this neighbor is moving out of the building in July but I have this feeling that what I have heard is not true because this neighbor is a liar and has tried to snowball me a few days ago having another neighbor – witness – listen to our conversation – this gentleman having a one-sided conversation because I was to angry with the one neighbor coming to my apartment bringing this gentleman down with him.

The fear of knowing what this neighbor looking at pornography is now subsiding as it is taking its time to leave. I hope I never see this neighbor’s face ever again – an ugliness that makes him look like a monster in my eyes – very sad of course – hoping this summer brings the truth to his leaving and never returning. So many tenants now what him to leave because now practically everyone knows that something unpleasant has happened here because of the notes on the floors stating if anyone has an unsecured network, it is unsafe and problems have arisen. With my wireless network being unsecured before tonight, has brought awareness of nastiness in the building. Tenants want to see this neighbor move out and never come back … I especially now more than ever even with my wireless network being secure.

The worst is over.

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  1. glad to hear uve got a password for ur wifi now – good on u. also sounds like u had a nice wknd ‘you weekend’. def deserved it!

    what on earth has hapnd with ur neighbour?? he was usin your internet to look at porn sites in a public place?! what an ass!

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