I Blew Up

My afternoon with CSE started but within two to three minutes CSE starting rating and raving that someone stole a DVD of hers and that this is no such thing as Christianity and no God. When she said that “there is no God”, I had lost my cool…told her “to get the hell out of my house”…and she did. When it comes to someone saying there is no such thing as Christianity and that there is no God, that is one subject (religion) that is hard to talk about about.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

To be very honest here… there are three topics I find difficult to talk about because of the fact everyone has their different views, is religion, sex, and politics. I do have to admit that, not sure if it is age or just maturity of the subject matter, that I am a little more open about sexuality and sex when discussed or I read about it on someone else’s open diary to the whole world online, but still a little closed about some matters regarding sex yet.

More later…

We Talking/Texting One Another

CSE has texted me to apologize and ask for my forgiveness. We will go from there. She also texted me that NMS (our surrogate mother) had found the DVD. I texted CSE back that I do forgive her and that she please forgive me for screaming at her after telling her that I will no longer talk or discuss religion with her from now on. We are in the talking/texting stage of our feelings. I got a text back from her and she forgives me as well.

I am not sure, yet, if I will have her down to watch Memorial Day type movies today but it might still happen yet.

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