A New Day… A New Month… My World At the Moment…

A New Day

Today begins a brand new day. For today I have my shower coming shortly, grocery shopping with MCP at 1230 pm, and then we are going to the park. With Memorial Day kind of throwing the week off a little bit for me and a few other people as well, today my showering schedule is back on track. I am getting together with MCP today instead of C because C is on vacation in Florida I believe and J is still on maternity leave until July. So I have C coming on Fridays until then, but today I have MCP instead of Friday this week. A new day brings on more things to do. I am looking forward going to the park with MCP after grocery shopping.

A New Month

I do have to admit that May seemed to have come and gone so quickly as if May did not really exist at all, lol, but it did. A new month, beginning today, has started. Summer is definitely on its way as well. Spring is soon to leave us. The weather has warmed up and it is … … okay with me. I have a summer to look forward to. I just want to get this yeast infection gone real soon … … that’s all. Since a new month has started, I am going to go into decision-making mode once again to change my world to make me continue to be safe and comfortable in my own home and skin. After what happened on Monday and what happened between me and another neighbor gentleman, I have realized since then that I have to make some serious changes in my world around me once more. Today is a good day to start making some changes once more. I NEED TO BE SAFE AND COMFORTABLE IN MY HOME FROM NOW ON AND I DO NOT HAVE TO FEEL UNSAFE AND UNCOMFORTABLE ANYMORE. I AM STILL GROWING!!

My World At the Moment

My world at the moment is waiting for KH to come and it is already 1130! Dang it! I can not have her be late today! I have other plans this afternoon. So at the moment, I am not too happy! KH, just like CSE and other tenants in this building I live in, really make me mad! Real mad! I cannot wait until I leave this shower company and get help from another shower company.

A moment Ago

KH called and told me she will get here as soon as I can and I told her I could not have her late today because I have someone picking me up at 1230 pm this afternoon so we cancelled for today and will continue on Friday. I think I need to find someone else to come and help with my showers because KH seems to be late all the time.

Just Now

KH called me back after talking to the company about having to cancel today and asked me if I would like to have a shower tomorrow at 8 am or later in the afternoon and so I snatched the 8 am slot. I am still wondering if I need to ask for a different shower gal until further notice of leaving this shower company, though. i do not need anymore stress in my life anymore. It brings on yeast infections and other health issues into my life!!! Gotta go and get dressed before MCP gets here. Good bye for now.

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