Not A Word

When KH got here, she did not say one word about the plan to have my showers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at all. Good. Whew! We were talking about discomfort and pain while I was in the shower and she told me about waking up with cold and sleep in her eyes, and her collar bone feeling sore this morning. Apparently her collar bone was broken several years ago while on a bike ride to one of her brother’s games some place nearby her home. Ouch! I understand about pain, that’s for sure, lol. Today my feet and toes are feeling it for some reason – not sure if it is because of the weather being real warm today or not and it is going to storm yet this afternoon. Not sure yet, lol. My feet were very sensitive for some reason this morning. OUCH! That is where the conversation about discomfort and pain came about while I was in the shower. LOL My feet are fine now, though. I have to. take my muscle relaxer meds yet, oops!

More later…

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