She Is Not the Only One

LS is not the only one who seems to understand when people do not want nothing to do with her and goes into something blindly when it comes to relationships. About an hour or so ago, I had gotten a phone call from HE I have not had any contact for over a year or so now. HE and I have had so many problems in our friendship relationship throughout the years that walking away from HE was the best thing I could have ever done to keep me from not being so stressed out and get hurt continually. When HE called I was very busy in the living room and I no longer have a cordless phone because it broke two months ago now. I do intend on getting a new cordless phone in the future when I have enough money to do so but right now money is tight. Anyway… I have absolute no interest in HE and her life anymore and she has been asked more than once to leave me alone and not bother me anymore but she continues to call me several weeks later thinking we can be friends again, and I do not NOTHING to do with her at all. My health can not take the stress of a friendship like HE and mine, and her health is not good either. As far as LS is concerned, I do not want nothing to do with her either because she continues to be involved with an abusive gentleman who does not want nothing to do with her and she does not get it at all either. I just HE would just leave me alone for good. I do not like her anymore and wish she would not call me every few weeks and see about getting together. I do not have time for her anymore and wish not to fit her in my now very busy life. I do not like her at all! Anyway…

I am always haunted for a while every time HE calls me and I do not answer or care to talk to her. Every time we have had a falling out, her mother always got in the middle of our falling out and made things a lot worse. I do feel bad that HE has bad seizures when she sleeps and really can not be alone anymore but she needs to leave me alone. I too have health problems that can not be cured but only helped by medications too. I surely do not want her to die because of a bad seizure when she sleeps, but I surely do not want to be bothered by her health problems anymore.

HE has more friends than me! I know she does! I have met a few in the past when we got along very well. AARRGG!! I can not be someone’s only friend. I just can’t! I know I am not sounding Christian about my feelings towards HE but I want to be LEFT ALONE and SHE DOES NOT GET IT!!!!!

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