Good Night & God Bless!

A few minutes ago I heard a noise outside that seemed to be distance thunder at first but it got closer and louder all of a sudden — kids and families firing off fireworks already? That is what it sounded like after it got closer but I am not sure, though. It even sounded like someone drumming on a drum set or something like that, too. I do know that there are some not so nice neighbors in the surrounding areas of our building but not this mean or rude I do not think. If it was fireworks, why so early … the second week of June when July 4th is not that far away now. It just seems odd for someone to be firing off fireworks this early in the season of summer. If it is true that they were fireworks, then… I guess that’s okay.

Anyway, in a while I will be heading to bed for the night and shutting off the main computer and router for the night because we are expecting thunderstorms again tonight after midnight. When I heard the noise outside a few minutes ago I did think it was distance rumbling of thunder until it got closer and louder and would not stop for a couple of minutes. To be honest… if it was a neighbor’s cruel joke on me, I hope they are satisfied in scaring me is because I was scared at first. I do have some rude neighbors in this building who are idiots, jerks, and assholes. I could name a few, lol. Anyway…

Good night and God bless.

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