The Feeling I Felt Over the Weekend

With the anxiety over the weekend and two good friends of mine not feeling I should be totally alone for safety sake, I felt being alone this weekend was not a great idea. So after the ER visit, I spent the morning and a couple of hours of the afternoon at my friend CB’s place aInd CSE spent Saturday night with me. That is how high with anxiety I was experiencing for the 1st time in a very long time and CSE happily obliged. I do greatly appreciate what CSE has done for me this weekend but I do feel a little guilty more than anything. After seeing CSE a couple of days later, we are both tired and sleepy… allowing CSE to go home before 8 tonight was not a problem for me whatsoever. I did not plan on having her down for a long time today anyway. When I called and texted her earlier this afternoon I had asked her to come down for a few minutes to help Bing and then head back upstairs and I would see her again sometime Wednesday but if something serious came up I would text or call her to help me out. I am glad, however, that CSE did stay for a couple of hours, though. It helped.

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