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Hello… Today has been an okay sort of day for me. Right now CSE is here. Because her laptop is screwed up, I am allowing her to use my Windows 7 laptop as long as she DOES NOT download anything on it, uses it the way it the way I have it set up, and leaves things the way it is. I am okay with someone using my laptops as long as it is in my home and under direct supervision so to speak and that my friends who are using it use it wisely and under my direction only. I have my IMac and Macbook I can yet use if need be, I am sick and tired of CSE’s computer screwing up on her as well. I am sick and tired of hearing about it in other words to be very honest here. I still believe she did something to her computer, unknown to her, that screwed it all up on her somehow. Human error. Question is: What did CSE do to her computer that has screwed it all up on her in so many weeks after her getting it? AARRGG!! Anyway, she is using my Windows 7 laptop right now while I am on my Macbook laptop right now/this evening. I am okay with it. She knows WHAT NOT TO DO ON IT now.

Today, being Bing’s 6th birthday, he is being such a spoiled kitty today with treats and love and affection. He is not a spoiled kitty by all means but he does act spoiled on a daily basis, though, lol. So Bing is always nearby and enjoying all the love and affection, and of course, kitty treats, today with gusto and admiration right back at his providers: me his “mommy”, his aunts – KM and CSE with understanding today. What an affectionate boy he is always. He proves to be the only man of the household right now and intends to keep it that way, lol. I trust God and one ex-boyfriend of mine from high school – SS – with love and affection. Otherwise men are not trustworthy for me right now. There WAS another man I trusted with all my heart and being – another ex-boyfriend of mine – but he is no longer with us because he passed away a couple of years ago this year from a car accident – That was DC … the second love of my life before we parted ways on mutual grounds and understanding we will ALWAYS be friends forever no matter where we were today and tomorrow – today being that he is gone and only of the fondest memories of my world today. Otherwise no man is trusted by me otherwise. Most of the men, except for DC and SS, always think with their penises and always want sex. I have an ex-friend who is a sex addict and he grossed me out because all he wanted was sex and nothing more than that. Sex, politics, and religion are three subjects I find most difficult to talk to other people about – especially sex and politics! I know… Gross as usual. Anyway…

I am having grilled cheese sandwiches for supper tonight. Yum! CSE is making them for supper tonight, I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches so much. YUM!!!!

More later… One more entry that is… Later…

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