Afternoon Is Here

My cleaning, laundry, and food prep is now out of the way and everything is done. Clean clothes have been put away for the week, dishes have been washed, food has been made and put in the freezer for the following week, and I have had lunch of beef Stroganoff with turkey hamburger instead of hamburger beef. It was delicious but I believe I could have heated it up a little more in the microwave but it was still very good otherwise. The lunch dishes have to yet be done but that can wait until the next time I get up to do something. Right now, not sure how the weather is going to be, I am online enjoying my afternoon alone with Bing nearby napping. I am still planning on not having any company today – this afternoon or evening – so I am comfortable and feeling pretty good here at home alone today. I was thinking of going to the community room to see the gang playing gin but I decided not to do that because it is not the same with BB not here right now. BB may not be able to come back to live on her anymore as she is now in recovery in a nursing home facility after breaking her wrist after a fall she had while out with our neighbor KM. I really do not have any complaints today – for once – but I do have to admit that while my gal who was here helping me clean and do laundry, and food prep, told me that she ran into KM who mentioned about the cat box and the smell of cat urine. I was not too thrilled about that because as soon as KM came by and told me she could smell it in my apartment while she was here, I had taken care of it within the hour after she had left which was over the weekend – not remembering if it was Saturday or Sunday now. KM sort of hit a nerve saying something about it two to three days later. Otherwise not complaining – just venting. KM just knows how to get on one’s nerves sometimes and to be honest with here … she does not even care if she rubs a person the wrong way. She is that nasty sometimes!!! I still wish she never moved back here to TM. All I hear from her is how bad this place is and how nasty some of the neighbors are when it reality, she is the one who starts up problems among other tenants. The management really does not like her but puts up with her. We all hope she moves one day again and never comes back here ever again. She can be a royal bitch sometimes…seriously.

I am going to enjoy the rest of my afternoon and play some games on Facebook. If weather allows it, I will be back later. I am going to say good bye for now. Later…

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