Good Morning

Good morning! I woke up briefly at 455 am but went back to sleep until 715 am when I finally decided to get up and get dressed for the day. I have company coming over today from 10 am – ?? as I am getting an assessment done from another shower company called Rescare and my IDS worker MM is also going to be here to answer questions and be of support for me since I have not met the nurse who is coming today yet. When I have appointments, shopping, and showers during the week – will be working outside the building starting July 15th – I love to have time for myself before I am bombarded with activity and company for an hour or two every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and outside appointments on any day of the five work day week and have weekends to myself – hopefully. Otherwise today, with only rain showers in the forecast today, I have no plans to go anywhere. My toes are feeling better from stubbing them the other night on my grandfather clock. I am surprised, as hard as I stubbed my toes on the clock, I did not break any of my toes!!! I hope everyone has a good day today! Good morning!!!

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