Anniversary Shoutout

Today is my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Dad & Sandy!!!

My parents live in AR and I just had to do a quick shout out for their anniversary today. They, as far as I know, do not have an account here at DD but if they do, they will see this shout out.

I did call both of them today to wish them a happy day today and they were out and about looking for new furniture for outside – I think, lol – and handing back home. I hope they had a good day even though they were not doing anything special for their anniversary today.

J am so glad Dad was able to find happiness!

I am also glad my mom found happiness again when she did, too.

Having step parents is AWESOME even though as a teenager I tested my limits as a typical teenager would, lol. I do regret giving my elders and parents such a hard time after all these years.

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