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Dear Diary,

Good Morning – A Very Busy Day Today

Good morning! I have a very busy day. I have to work from 10 – 1030 am – 12 noon, have an appointment at 1 pm with my counselor PS, and my shower is at 245 – 4 pm this afternoon. I had missed the UPS truck yesterday because they came between 10 am – 2 pm and the on-site manager – Kathie – had to leave to run errands. I have Jessica P coming today at 8 am – 930 am this morning to help clean, do laundry, and do food prep. Today is the busiest day of the week so far – it seems – and that is good. I am so happy that I am a working woman now – again – and the fear of working after 10 to 11 years is slowly disappearing into nothingness now and it feels real good. Riding the bus to and from work yesterday was not too bad. I feel safe and comfortable in my power chair as it is a safety net for me when outside in the real world beyond my apartment. When I had gotten home from work, though, I happened to have run into the tenant in #308 – my former apartment – who was so rude. I will be writing a complaint against him tomorrow sometime. I need to yak at Kathie about the time because I have to work.

Afternoon Thoughts

I did not have to work today but went in anyways since I was being picked up for an appointment from my work place to for an appointment. I visited with my employer JD for a whtile along with NN, VB, BG, and when BV came back from work. I did not get paid and that is okay. The business is brand new and the work right now is setting things up and getting the business up and running yet. Last week, when I worked my first 3 hours was just to talk and meet my employers and co-workers/other employees of the company. On Monday, we were all cleaning and setting things up with what we had as far as furniture was concerned. JD has an eye for antiques and the furniture she has brought into the office to use, at this time, are beautiful pieces of furniture and my world sees beauty in antiques as well.

A Prayer Need

I feel real bad for JD right now. I just learned, after getting to work this morning that a friend of hers is dying. I will not be working Thursday and Friday this week. rayers are needed for JD right now.

No Work Tomorrow

I called JD this evening and she was heading to Minnesota this evening to go see her friend who is dying at the Mayo Clinic there. I do not have to go to work tomorrow unless BV wants me to come in because JD is not going to be there. She is going to be with her friend during her last days/hours and so forth.

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