I Wish For 2 Things….

1. JSL would curb her attitude towards me. Her attitude really stinks and I am about ready to tell her to knock it off. I feel she can not accept me for who I am entirely and that thought has been occurring in my world of thought a lot lately. Excuse me for not texting right away in the morning. Dang!!! First of all, I am not her because I am who I am…me. Not everything will go JSL’s way and it hasn’t been going her way with me lately. She can be a royal bitch from time to time and I do have to admit that she has been a bitch lately. She better curb her attitude or I will walk away from her for good.

2. CSE needs to be a little more sympathetic towards people and I have been noticing she is not very supportive lately. I decided to take a break from her today and not have her here at all. I will wait until tomorrow.

Author: ksmiley

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