Final Thoughts of 8/24

It is almost time to say good night and God Bless. I am going to going to bed here shortly. Tomorrow is another day and I will be back tomorrow sometime. I am not aure if I will have company yet but will see what my day conspires after my shower and see how I feel like doing. I have enjoyed my space without CSE around helping me out. In fact I do admit that fending for myself has been awesome and great. I do miss having company here everyday but it was a nice treat for me the past couple of days. Having my home to myself has been great. All I have to answer to is myself and giving Bing one on one attention has been fabulous. He has been q good kitty and I have noticed a calmness about him as he listens to me more than ever before.

Heading off for the night. Good night and God bless.

Author: ksmiley

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