Final Thoughts of the Day/Night & A Good Night

One final hello before I head off for the night. My plans to begin writing my book will have to wait until tomorrow. Words and thought would not come very easy for me today. Where to begin is the problem today but I have not totally given up just yet because today’s idea to write a lot just did not happen …. that’s all. It’s not the end of the world yet. I will write my book yet … for sure. Anyway, I took the day and watched TV all day — both Live TV and recorded shows. In fact, I am still watching/listening to TV ALL day. Tomorrow I will begin writing my book after my morning shower from 8 to 915 am. Dawn will be here tomorrow morning at 8am. Yay! Today just did not go as planned but that is okay. I think I am on the mend from my bathroom issues now. Taking it easy and drinking a lit to keep me hydrated. Being dehydrated is no fun at all. I called the Doctor’s office beteen 4 and 5 pm today to let them what was going on but a nurse has not returned my call before they closed for th night so I will probably hear from a nurse tomorrow some tome during the day. I will have to wait and see when tomorrow finally arrives.

Tomorrow begins a new day so it will be a new start. I hope to be very honest, I do not wake up in the middle of the night in the need or want to write. I have gone through five years of college online getting two accounting degrees — Bachelor’s and Master’s working at different hours on my studies when sleep was not easy after 10 pm almost every night and my studies and all hmework assignments got done with fair, good, great, and awesome scores. I am a working woman again….loving my job very much. When July 2012 rolls around I am going to see about being a facilitator at University of College. I am thinking of it anyway and wlll talk to someone about it when time gets closer.

I see a Budget moving van outside at the back door. A tenant is moving out tonight to a new place. I hope this tenant has a new start at his new place. I still can not wait until KM moves out and never returns to this building. The countdown begins tomorrow on September 1st. KM will be gone as Octobet 1st…YAY! With KM leaving I have that feeling — a good one — that TM will be back to normal once again — for a while anyway. Counting the days!!

It is time for me to say good night and God bless now. Bong and I are relaxing in the recliner for the night. I sleep better reclined now-a-days. Bing is raxing on the recliner back of the chair. Good night and God bless. Yawn…

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