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My Day

My day was just fine. My appointment with my counselor went very well. We talked about 4 different things in that 50 minutes. This is what we talked about during that almost 1 hr of session:

1. CSE
2. Saturday
3. Sunday
4. The Facebook Post
5. Work

After the meeting I came home and got comfortable for the rest of the day and night in plans to be in bed by 10 pm to have enough rest and relaxation for my busy Tuesday. When I got home and comfortable, I called my boss BV to see if he had any work for me to do on Wednesday and he told me he did, and so I will be going into work Wednesday morning. YAY! I love my job very much!!!! I do have to admit that my new job is a job I really love – the very 1st one to love, too. I even took the time to read out loud with Bing on my lap, laying behind me on the recliner and while he was eating. I had finished the Little House on the Prairie tonight and began reading the book On the Banks of Plum Creek. I have decided to not read Farmer Boy until the very end the series this time around. Anyway, beginning to read On the Banks of Plum Creek, I read the 1st 4 chapters, I told Bing I would read more of the story tomorrow after my appointment and I got home for the rest of the day. He seemed to be okay with that idea but I do have to admit that he was disappointed and wanted me to read more like a child before going to sleep for the night, lol.

My Final Thought Of The Night

I do have to admit that I am getting tired here and I was on Facebook for a few minutes to check out for any more posts to reply to and play a couple of games of Farkle and Bejeweled Blitz before saying good night to everyone before 930 pm and come here and write my final thoughts of day before going to bed myself. I do have to say that I did have an okay sort of day. I got to my appointment and back home with no problems, and spent the rest of the afternoon with Bing close by. Bing and i snuggled and cuddled together for a while – a long while before going on with the rest of my afternoon doing other things. It seemed quiet all day long after getting home that I felt comfortable and safe. Before it got dark, I locked my apartment door for the rest of the evening and night, and decided to come online one more time here before retiring to bed for the night – sleep anyway.

I am repeating myself here… sorry about that.


I am glad I went to counseling today. The Facebook post and my feelings toward CSE right now were necessary to talk to PS about before I busted into anymore tears and felt the anger that seethed through my blood and bones about CSE’s attitude. PS and I talked at length about how CSE has said she will be at my place at a certain time and then a few minutes before she is due to arrive, she texts me telling me she will be down at another time. PS told me that what CSE does is not showing good attitude. PS knows that CSE has helped me a lot since she has been back here in the building we befriended one another again but I did tell PS that I am willing to dissolve CSE’s help from now on and walk away from CSE and live my own life. I can get help elsewhere while my help is here during the 6 day week after my shower before they leave because what I sometimes need help with is daily light housekeeping that is outside my Tuesdays with J. I need to walk away from CSE for now. I will be civil to CSE when I see her in public and she can still use my modem when she can get on her computer upstairs or across the hall until further notice states otherwise by me.

The Facebook post was discussed with ease and understanding that the post was indeed inappropriate, hurtful, and demeaning to the parties mentioned in the post. PS agrees with me that, at all costs, that the post needs to be removed whether the post is true or not regarding the affair. I told PS that this one post really pissed me off for a while and before I told the person who wrote it, I had to be calm and cool and find the right words without sounding horrible and nasty.

As for Saturday and Sunday, we talked about what I did – going to a funeral on Saturday and wrote about my memory of 9-11-01 10 years later. I still have to write about MDB on Facebook on Notes. The words are not coming and flowing evenly for me yet. I might have to take the afternoon tomorrow to see what comes up regarding my writing of MDB…other than what I had written over the weekend.

Good Night & God Bless!

I am tired and ready to go to sleep now so I am going to say good night and God bless. I will be back sometime tomorrow, weather permitting, and write more thoughts then. It has been an okay sort of day. Bing and I are going to turn lights off and get comfortable and take our nightly and cat naps until 7 am in the morning where I will get up again and begin my day before my shower, cleaning, dishes, laundry, and appointment at 1030 am. Good night and God bless. Everyone sleep well and do be safe!


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