This Time I Decided Something Else…

My friend who texted me last night and I got all pissed off because of her continued attitude about me texting her when she was continuing to text me when she told me to stop texting and listen to her for once. It happened again tonight that she was so critical of me texting her a “book” instead of a simple good night, and I texted her back saying that today was one day of sentiments and I apologized to her for sending her a long text. All because she has her monthly, she, to me, does not have to be so darn critical about my texting her certain texts and pointing out all my faults and so-called problems that can be hurtful to a person. Her words cut into my heart once again tonight to the point that I finally decided to shut my cell phone off for the rest of the night and turn it back on when I get going in the morning and fully awake. I am not going to put up with my friend’s attitude during her monthly anymore. She can be a royal bitch and read into things way too quickly and is so darn critical everyday. I am done with her bullshit if she continues and I will tell her so if it happens again.

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