My Evening #2

I am here to say good night and God bless. My shower was taken and now I am dressed for the night for bed and getting tired. I am not having CSE come down anymore this weekend at this time unless she comes down to get the key to go take care of CD’s cat Oreo but otherwise CSE is no longer welcome here this weekend. We need a break from one another again. I do know that I have said she was a bitch and all in my afternoon entry but I do have to admit that it is true right now. She needs help and emotionally I can not take any longer with her attitude, actions, and ways of life. She is definitely not the same girl I once know back in 1998. In fact, she is a little scary now. My shower gal KB told me earlier tonight that CSE seems to be a little bit odd and was a little bit off when she first met her and CSE does not seem to be all righo I can t in the head and my friendship with her should be carefully monitored. I happen, seriously, to agree with KB wholeheartedly with her right now and I do have to admit that my friendship with CSE is not healthy at all. I need to watch how much time I spend with her now so I can stay sane and away from the negative vibes she sets off often — everyday actually. I am a happy person now and working again.

It has been an okay sort of evening when KB was here for the one hour and 15 minutes. KB will be back tomorrow at 5 pm – 615 pm and then the rest of the weekend I am defending for myself after 615 pm tomorrow evening. I am going to have some me time this weekend and no time to have CSE over to help me with Bing and some of my chores I can not finish on my own. Now that I am a working woman, a couple of time this week anyway, I have the right to have no face to face contact with people and have me time. The past two weeks have been physically and emotionally draining for me – fear of my fall has settled in long enough and today I am feeling relatively happy after such an emotional week of panic attacks and after affects of frazzled states for three days and now, today, feeling relatively normal for once in a long time – since my bad fall on September 13 that scared the crap out of me emotionally and physically for a while. I feel, right now, at the moment actually, that my world is full of blabbing and blubbering idiot feelings, lol. I just finished watching a repeat episode of Supernatural starring Jared Padalecki (sp?) and Jensen Ackles. Bed time is soon to be because it is going to be 10 pm real soon here in Wisconsin – 7 minutes away anyway.

My plans for the weekend for my me time is to read, write, watch TV, play games onFacebook, and spend time with my kitty Bing Crosby. I will NOT have CSE down here at all this weekend except to see her while she comes down to get the key to go take care of Oreo the cat my neighbor CD’s big kitty. Good night and God bless and I will be back tomorrow sometime. Good night! YAWN!

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