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Good afternoon. I am doing fine now. My weekend is going just fine. I no longer have CSE able to text or call my cell anymore as I blocked her phone number from access to get a hold of me. My life will be without her now. I will get help from my shower gals Monday – Saturday now, and help from JP my worker who helps me on Tuesdays and Fridays – possibly on Thursdays now as we both would like Fridays off now. I just got done watching “Haven” on the Syfy channel that was recorded last night at 9 pm. I understand the episode now…I think, lol. “Haven is one of my favorite TV shows that falls behind one of Stephen King’s books – “The Cisco Kid” I believe to be very honest here. This episode is the season finale for the 2nd season now…a Christmas episode will come in December – two months away from now.

KM Is Gone!

Now with October here and September gone, the countdown for KM’s departure from TM is now over and she is now gone from this place never to return after today. She is now at her new place – still in Janesville – but gone away from here never to return or be allowed to come in and disrupt the tenants. Yay! KM is gone for good now. Yay! I have another person out of my life for good. I asked her the last time she visited my place if she had the same phone number or was going to have a phone and she told me no. I will never hear from her again – a good thing I believe but we shall wait and see. I have my mixed feelings about KM still. I d do not have any mixed feelings about dropping CSE in a flash though. Our relationship, in my eyes, was screwed up for a long time and I did have mixed feelings about us for a while but not anymore. CSE is gone out of my life except for civil times. Another yay!!! Anyway KM is gone forever. I do wish, in a way right now, that she moved out of the city! She is always causing trouble somewhere and people do not like her much but tolerate her because she’s always some place, lol. Tenants here are very happy and glad KM is gone for good from this place never to come live here ever again. Another yay!!!

Good Afternoon

Ahhh, good afternoon. My shower will be taking place in a couple of hours or so now…yay. Then the weekend will be all mine and Bing’s.

More later…

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