Work Update

I do not have to work this week at all. I have a cold and cough, and my voice is a tad bit lost. I talked to my caseworker Mary this afternoon around 5 pm or so and my voice was real low, lol. We talked about our plans for Friday as I have an appointment at 1130 am with a gastroenterologist. MM said she will get back to me on Tuesday regarding a ride to the appointment and that MM will meet me there.

I am taking advantage of my week off of work this week to get rid of my cold and to get things done for myself. My original shower gal DB is not able to make it to work for a while — leave of absence — so I will be having a replacement for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It will be Barb for the time being. My showers have been moved to 930 to 1045 am on Tuesdays and Thursday, and on Wednesday, my shower will not be until 12 noon. My Monday and Friday, and Saturday showers are still on schedule. I will find out soon enough what is going on with DB.

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